How To Effortlessly Window-shop For A Used Car


You must have heard it already – that you have to be extremely careful when shopping for a used car. That you must do your homework and research more about the kind of used car model you intend to buy. All these and more cliché like tips are true. There are however, a few other tips that hold more water than the obvious ones. Ignoring them is easy mainly because people think or them as unnecessary or they simply don’t know about them. Read on to learn more.

Have two or more opinions

This is as good as saying always take a friend with your to the car dealership. It is also as good as saying find out from your friends if the model you are about to buy is worth your hard earned cash. Be sure to have a friend whose knowledge on cars and how to buy them is deep. Have the friend ask the dealer tough questions on your behalf. At some point, act disinterested. The aim here is to make the dealer not uncomfortable but honest about each detail concerning the car you’re interested in. Remember that in sales, the informed buyer always goes home with the best deals.

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Befriend the previous owner

This can be hard, but who says it is not doable or possible? You can easily know who the previous owner of the car you intend to buy was. If it so happens by any chance that you get his or her contacts, exploit the chance by all means. Ask questions like why he or she decided to put the car on sale. If and where possible, request for repair records. This should not be hard mainly because you can check through government records for service bulletins as well as other important factors such as owner complaints and recalls.


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