3 Water Damage Signs You Must Never Ignore

Water damage can happen to any home. It could be as a result of flooding or as a result of something within your control like a plumbing glitch. Either way, it is easy sometimes to foresee a water damage incident. The only problem is coming up with preventive measures. But what kind of signs can give you hints? Read on to find out.

Faulty systems

Like hinted, faulty plumbing is one of the most common water damage causes. So the next time you see a leaking pipe, a leaking water tank or a rusting water reservoir, take action. The next thing you might have to deal with is water damage. Fix any glitch you come across on time.

water flooding

Water color

This applies mostly to people who use water reservoirs for domestic use. Always examine water color. Crystal clear water is a good indication that the water may be good for consumption. But do not be so sure. Always treat your water before consumption and domestic use. Filter it if you have to.

Water odor

It is one of the most common signs of water damage. Be careful the first time you notice that strange smell. Be extra cautious if it comes just after fixing a glitch in your sewer system. Bad odor as you will find out is worse than a brownish water color. It may also mean a rodent is dead somewhere in your plumbing system. That is, if you use water tanks for domestic water supply. Find out the cause of the odor, fix it and treat your water before you can use it again.

If water entered your home and you want to restore it, contact your local restoration service and ask for a free estimate.


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